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Cornerstone Martial Arts Reno, NV

Mission Statement

 Cornerstone Martial Arts Reno is an educational non-profit 501c3 martial arts organization that combines functional martial arts and reality-based self defense training with a positive, faith-based, family friendly atmosphere.


 While our mission is for Cornerstone Martial Arts Reno to provide the absolute best in functional martial arts and self defense, our goal has always been for Cornerstone Martial Arts to be something much more than just a school of martial arts.


  Think of it this way, many of us have been fortunate to have been in situations, be it a job, school, or church, that was just a “special” time; no other way to put it; special people, a special place, a special time. 

 Well, that’s what we had in our classes in Hawaii and Las Vegas, and that’s what our vision and goal is for any and all classes we teach here in Reno, or anywhere else for that matter.’s for something special.


  We combine reality-based martial arts training with Bible-based life skills, values and ethics, in a positive environment. This creates a unique martial arts experience that truly equips our students, adults and children, mind, body, and spirit (spirit, soul, and body).


Cornerstone Martial Arts Reno

Traditional values. Modern training methods.

Cornerstone Reno Nevada Martial Arts Seminar Group Shot
Cornerstone Reno Nevada Martial Arts David Giomi Black Belt Class
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